My Clearance Table - May

Welcome to my Clearance Table where you will find previously loved and gently used stamps waiting for new homes.

To purchase stamps from this page please email me at 

with a list of the stamps you wish to purchase. I will email you a paypal invoice and send your stamps as soon as I receive your payment. 

All stamps will be sent by priority flat rate mail (unless standard mail is cheaper) and that cost will be included in the invoice.  

For an idea of stamp sizes, all photos are taken on a 6"x6" foam mat and cropped to that size.


A1160 "This is Good" Originally $6.95 now $3.50
B1347 "Lifetime" Originally $9.95 now $5.00
B1369 "Rosy Regards" Originally $9.95 now $5.00
B1371 "Bliss"  Originally $9.95 now $5.00

B1467 "You Mean the World to Me" Originally $9.95 now $5.00
C1223 "Antique Tags"  Originally $13.95 now $7.00
C1239 "Vintage Father's Day" Originally $13.95 now $7.00
C1310 "Happiness"  Originally $13.95 now $7.00
C1440 "Take a Picture"  Originally $13.95 now $7.00

C1488 "Victory"  Originally $13.95 now $7.00
C1505 "Pun Fun"  Originally $13.95 now $7.00
C1561 "One-Way Borders"  Originally $13.95 now $7.00
C1600 "Happy Birds"  Originally $13.95 now $7.00
C1606 "A Thing Well Done"  Originally $13.95 now $7.00
CC1020 It's Your Day (Double Set) $18.00
CC1039 "Taste of Summer"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
D1231 "Lovely Buckles"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
D1288 "June Word Puzzle"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
D1306 "Treasure Life"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
D1350  "Tender Tags"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
D1441  "Royal Birth"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
D1504  "Fashionista"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00

D1592 "Ivy Lane"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
D1616  "Have a Happy Day" Originally $17.95 now $9.00
D1620  "Confetti Wishes"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
D1628  "What a Day"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
D1638  "Hopscotch" Originally $17.95 now $9.00
D1653 "Happy Everything"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
S1205  "Friendship Bouquet"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
S1301  "Happy Valentines"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
S1303  "Floral Happiness"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
S1412  "Cutie Pie"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00
S1501  "This Moment"  Originally $17.95 now $9.00

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