My Clearance Table - March

Welcome to my Clearance Table where you will find previously loved and gently used stamps waiting for new homes. All stamps are approximately 50% of their original retail price. 

To purchase stamps from this page: 
  • email me at with CTMH stamps as the subject
  • list the stamps you wish to purchase
  • I will reply with a paypal invoice and send your stamps as soon as I receive your payment. 

The cost of shipping your stamps will be included in your invoice.  

Regarding stamp sizes; all photos are taken on a 6"x6" foam mat and cropped to that size. These are all Close To My Heart Acrylix stamps and require an appropriately sized block to use them.

When you purchase four stamps sets I will give you the fifth (lowest priced one) for free! 

A1246 Happy Easter Bunny $7.95 sale $4.00

C1837 Birthday Banners $14.95 sale $7.50

S2003 Family Legacy $18.95 sale $9.50

C1817 Spreading Sunshine $14.95 sale $7.50

S2103 Winged Masterpiece  $18.95 sale $9.50

C1830 Fly-by Greetings $14.95 sale $7.50
This set can stand alone but it's designed to work
with thin cuts Z3626 (link

S1603 Sunshine Birdies $17.95 sale $9.00

S1303 Foral Happiness $17.95 sale $9.00
#TwoStepStamping set

D1714 Dreamin' Big-Scrapbooking $17.95 sale $9.00

D1660 Ink Blot $17.95 sale $9.00
#Background & #Texturizing set

D1651 Wavy Blooms $17.95 sale $9.00

D1623 Brushed $17.95 sale $9.00
From the Brushed Scrapbooking Workshop

D1436 The Present $17.95 sale $9.00
#Background & #Texturizing set

D1528 Jardin $17.95 sale $9.00
#Background & #Texturizing set (love the bee!)

D1418 Felicity $17.95 sale $9.00

D1408 A Little Everything $17.95 sale $9.00
#Sentiments set

D1341 Butterfly Wings $17.95 sale $9.00

D1271 April Word Puzzle $17.95 sale $9.00

D1231 Lovely Buckles $17.95 sale $9.00

CC1030 30 Years of happy $13.95 sale $7.00

C1666 Homegrown $13.95 sale $7.00

C1640 Friend in Me $13.95 sale $7.00

C1636 Live, Laugh, Love $13.95 sale $7.00

C1608 Brushstrokes $13.95 sale $7.00
#Background & #Texture set

C1533 Fabulous You $13.95 sale $7.00

C1517 Scholastic $13.95 sale $7.00
From the Scholastic Scrapbooking Workshop

C1405 In the Month of April $13.95 sale $7.00

C1301 Thing of Beauty $13.95 sale $7.00

B1584 Semana Santa $9.95 sale $5.00

B1420 Hello Tweety $9.95 sale $5.00

B1328 Backwoods $9.95 sale $5.00

A1167 Keep Your Chin Up $6.95 sale $3.50

A1111 A Tulip $6.95 sale $3.50

B1434 You Only Live Once $9.95 sale $5.00

S1703 Tea-rrific Originally $17.95 sale $9.00

Z3207 Spring Critters sale $15.00
Includes Thin Cuts