Thursday, June 16, 2022

Betsy's June Cardmaking Workshop

For anyone who hasn't previously joined me for one of my virtual cardmaking workshops, let me explain how it works.

  • It's a virtual/online workshop on Facebook, in Betsy's Paper Craft Room
  • I've designed the cards (pictured) and when you register I will send you a kit with all the pre-cut & pre-stamped parts.
  • When you receive the kit, all you have to do is whatever prep I tell you is necessary (usually just coloring and sometimes a little fussy cutting). I'll send you a link to a blog post where that information is available with detail. 
  • Finally, join me in the Paper Craft Room as I lead you through assembling your cards via a Facebook Live event. Easy Peasy! Usually all you need is some adhesive.

The details:
date: Monday, June 27th
time: 7:00pm Eastern (6:00 Central, 5:00 Mountain & 4:00 Pacific)
where: Betsy's Paper Craft Room on Facebook
price: $20

Please register by Monday, June 20th at this link:

The Facebook Live video will remain available for anyone who is unable to join during my "live" workshop.

We'll use a little bit of acetate on this card to get that realistic mason jar of tea look. How cool is that?

This bright & beautiful card is called a waterfall card. When you pull down on the gold threads, the four flaps open individually to reveal more of the message. It may sound difficult but it's not and I'll walk you right through it!

Summer is coming! If you can't meet up or vacation with all your best summertime friends this year, send them a smile to let them know you are missing them!

I love Love LOVE coffee, especially an iced latte in the summer! If you aren't a coffee lover I am sure you have at least one friend that is and would smile big receiving this card!

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