Thursday, April 21, 2022

April Showers Cardmaking Workshop

Please join me for my April Showers Cardmaking workshop. 

What: April Showers Card Workshop
When: April 28, 2022
Time: 7:00pm (6:00 Central, 5:00 Mountain and 4:00 Pacific)
How: Facebook Live - Betsy's Paper Craft Room 
Cost: $20.00 - Pay & Register here

You will receive all the bits & pieces necessary to make these cards in your kit. Most papers will be cut for you, but if fussy cutting is required it will be yours to do. 

You will need to have a red line tape or similar product for the 2nd card. 

Prep for class:
Coloring and liquid embellishments are up to you. I will note what I have used and you may use the same or something similar from your stash. Or you can go rogue and color and embellish your own ideas. Remember these are your cards! 

  • Color front image.  I used one TriBlend marker, Brown Grey Blend which provided the three shades and lots of depth to the image. 
  • Add a bit of Diamond Stickles to each of the rainbow colored raindrops and a "swoosh" of it across the word rainbow. Do not add it to the grey drops. 
  • Use a white gel pen to highlight the boots. 

  • Color the bottles around the inside edges and the central part of the butterfly. Cut out the bottles.  I used TriBlend markers Aqua Blue Blend and Green Turquoise Blend (both "light"). 
  • Color the plant. I used Dull Green Blend, all three shades for dimension. 
  • Color the heart. I used the Aqua Blue Blend. 
  • Use the White Gel pens for highlights on the heart, plant and bottles. 

  • Color the butterfly and smaller images. I used the TriBlend Yellow Green Blend and Aqua Blue Blend - lightest shades. 

  • Color the image. I used the Triblend Markers, Dull Green Blend (it's my 'go-to' for green) and Pale Pink Blend all three shades of both. The center of the flower was colored with Gold Yellow Blend.  I used the Flamingo Shimmer Brush on the darkest pink areas and the White Gel pens to highlight the darkest leaves. 
  • I will be adding a second flower to your kit. Color it the same as the full image and cut it out.