Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Two Ways To Save on the November Close To My Heart Album Retreat

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The Close to my Heart November Album retreat is full of beautiful holiday layouts, eleven of them, and new scrapbooking techniques.  The retreat bundle includes stamp sets, all your papers (pre-cut for you) accessories, an exclusive stencil, exclusive die cuts, photo place holders and memory protectors.  However, what is not in the bundle is worth as much if not more - on November 22, 23 & 24th the experts at Close To My Heart will be online live to take us through new techniques and assembling our layouts. 

This virtual retreat is $250.00 and worth every penny, but I'm going to share with you two ways to save:

  • Become a VIP 
  • Become a Maker
Before you 'nope out' read on and think through each of these options.  Either one of them is great and you really don't have to make any commitment beyond what I'm about to share. 

Become a Close To My Heart VIP
  • Earn 15% shopping credit on Close To My Heart retail purchases
  • Free Stamp of the Month with qualifying purchase each month
  • Exclusive VIP specials
  • Instant $15 credit when you sign up 
  • Credits don't expire unless you cancel your membership
So how does this look?  

You'll receive the 15% credit for the next 12 months.  Credit is not good for specials, which includes the Album Retreat, but you will earn credit when you purchase specials.  

Does this sound like the plan for you?  You can sign up as a VIP here. Please use code CPQXXY.

Would you like something a bit more enticing?  Read on...

Become a Close To My Heart Maker
  • Earn 25% commission on your sales
  • Instant $25 in CTMH cash when you sign up
  • $300 in sales required each quarter
  • If you drop from Maker status you become a VIP and earn 15% credit on your personal sales
While this may seem a little bit intimidating, let me assure you there are many many Makers who are here only for the discount.  Close To My Heart Makers get 25% commission on our sales and even more when our sales reach higher levels.

Lets see what this looks like:

Cost here does not yet include shipping & tax

Other things to consider with this option: 
  • $300 required sales a quarter is the retail amount. If you are your own customer, that would be $225 after your 25% discount. But shipping and tax will still be added to that. 
  • You can set up a group order each month and when it reaches $250 you earn $25 more in CTMH Cash and 2 half price items. By the way, the Album Retreat alone reaches that threshold.  
Does this plan sound like the way to go?  Here is a link to sign up as a Maker and begin enjoying your new discount and more! 

Whatever questions you have, I'd be happy to talk with you.  Send me an email at betsygully@gmail.com. 

All the layouts: 


Thursday, June 16, 2022

Betsy's June Cardmaking Workshop

For anyone who hasn't previously joined me for one of my virtual cardmaking workshops, let me explain how it works.

  • It's a virtual/online workshop on Facebook, in Betsy's Paper Craft Room
  • I've designed the cards (pictured) and when you register I will send you a kit with all the pre-cut & pre-stamped parts.
  • When you receive the kit, all you have to do is whatever prep I tell you is necessary (usually just coloring and sometimes a little fussy cutting). I'll send you a link to a blog post where that information is available with detail. 
  • Finally, join me in the Paper Craft Room as I lead you through assembling your cards via a Facebook Live event. Easy Peasy! Usually all you need is some adhesive.

The details:
date: Monday, June 27th
time: 7:00pm Eastern (6:00 Central, 5:00 Mountain & 4:00 Pacific)
where: Betsy's Paper Craft Room on Facebook
price: $20

Please register by Monday, June 20th at this link: https://bit.ly/3iRpvTU

The Facebook Live video will remain available for anyone who is unable to join during my "live" workshop.

We'll use a little bit of acetate on this card to get that realistic mason jar of tea look. How cool is that?

This bright & beautiful card is called a waterfall card. When you pull down on the gold threads, the four flaps open individually to reveal more of the message. It may sound difficult but it's not and I'll walk you right through it!

Summer is coming! If you can't meet up or vacation with all your best summertime friends this year, send them a smile to let them know you are missing them!

I love Love LOVE coffee, especially an iced latte in the summer! If you aren't a coffee lover I am sure you have at least one friend that is and would smile big receiving this card!

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Pretty Papers - Close To My Heart Retiring Soon

 Close To My Heart has released the list of products being retired from the 2021-2022 Core Catalog.  It's a lot and it's killing me to have to say goodbye to them.  To make the list manageable I'll be breaking it up into product lines.  Today I'm going to share the papers that will be leaving.  

Below the photos I'll add links to the products and corresponding ones for up-close viewing on my website. 

X8020S - As you Grow Paper Packet & Sticker Sheet
X8020B - As You Grow Paper Packet without Sticker Sheet
X8020C - As You Grow Coordinating Cardstock
X8020D - As you Grow Picture My Life Cards

X8022S - Smarty Pants Paper Pack & Sticker Sheet
X8022B - Smarty Pants Paper Pack without Sticker Sheet
X8022C - Smarty Pants Coordinating Cardstock 
X8022D - Smarty Pants Picture My Life Cards

X8021S - Love Story Paper Pack & Sticker Sheet (Black accented)
X8021B - Love Story Paper Pack without Sticker Sheet (Black accented)
X8023S - Love Story Paper Pack & Sticker Sheet (Mink accented)
X8023B - Love Story Paper Pack without Sticker Sheet (Mink accented)
X8024S - Love Story Paper Pack & Sticker Sheet (Toffee accented)
X8024B - Love Story Paper Pack without Sticker Sheet (Toffee accented)
X8025 - Love Story Picture My Life Cards (Gold)
X8026 - Love Story Picture My Life Cards (Silver)
X8029 - Rose Gold Foil Patterns Paper pack

Z2538 - Wild Berry Glitter Paper
Z3841 - Evergreen Glitter Paper 
Z2543 - Papaya Glitter Paper 
Z3843 - Ballerina Glitter Paper 

X8027 - Noteworthy Paper Packet
X8028 - Wood Grain Paper Packet
X8031 - Textures Paper Packet 

Z3879 - Black Ore Paper
Z3880 - Copper Ore Paper 
Z3881 - Pearl Paper 
Z3365 - Gold Foil Paper 
Z3366 - Silver Foil Paper

Thursday, April 21, 2022

April Showers Cardmaking Workshop

Please join me for my April Showers Cardmaking workshop. 

What: April Showers Card Workshop
When: April 28, 2022
Time: 7:00pm (6:00 Central, 5:00 Mountain and 4:00 Pacific)
How: Facebook Live - Betsy's Paper Craft Room 
Cost: $20.00 - Pay & Register here

You will receive all the bits & pieces necessary to make these cards in your kit. Most papers will be cut for you, but if fussy cutting is required it will be yours to do. 

You will need to have a red line tape or similar product for the 2nd card. 

Prep for class:
Coloring and liquid embellishments are up to you. I will note what I have used and you may use the same or something similar from your stash. Or you can go rogue and color and embellish your own ideas. Remember these are your cards! 

  • Color front image.  I used one TriBlend marker, Brown Grey Blend which provided the three shades and lots of depth to the image. 
  • Add a bit of Diamond Stickles to each of the rainbow colored raindrops and a "swoosh" of it across the word rainbow. Do not add it to the grey drops. 
  • Use a white gel pen to highlight the boots. 

  • Color the bottles around the inside edges and the central part of the butterfly. Cut out the bottles.  I used TriBlend markers Aqua Blue Blend and Green Turquoise Blend (both "light"). 
  • Color the plant. I used Dull Green Blend, all three shades for dimension. 
  • Color the heart. I used the Aqua Blue Blend. 
  • Use the White Gel pens for highlights on the heart, plant and bottles. 

  • Color the butterfly and smaller images. I used the TriBlend Yellow Green Blend and Aqua Blue Blend - lightest shades. 

  • Color the image. I used the Triblend Markers, Dull Green Blend (it's my 'go-to' for green) and Pale Pink Blend all three shades of both. The center of the flower was colored with Gold Yellow Blend.  I used the Flamingo Shimmer Brush on the darkest pink areas and the White Gel pens to highlight the darkest leaves. 
  • I will be adding a second flower to your kit. Color it the same as the full image and cut it out.  

Thursday, March 17, 2022

National Scrapbooking Day with Close To My Heart

 National Scrapbooking day is coming! 

Okay, it may seem a little early to announce a day that's coming in May but I have a good reason!  Close To My Heart is hosting a two day live virtual event over on Facebook!  It's free!  

Let me repeat that - IT'S FREE!  

The Close To My Heart home office team is an incredibly talented group and always so much fun to hang out with.  Even though it's virtual/online you will feel like you are right there with them, laughing, giggling, creating and having a great time. 

You can sign up for it here

If you want to make the awesome projects they have planned you will have to purchase the kits.  I'm so excited to show you what we'll be doing. 

Project 1 Little Penguins Mini Album Workshop

I adore this little album and the sweet little penguin stamps that accent it.  I have so many ideas for those stamps in the future!  Take a look at the kit here

Project 2 Many Wishes Cardmaking Workshop (16 cards) 
These cards are so beautiful!  They are created with stenciling and stamps. As you can see the stenciling is very versatile because not only can you play with any color you desire, the intensity of the color is completely at your command.  You can view this kit here.

Project 3 Circles & Patterns Scrapbooking Workshop
It never fails, they pull me in every.single.time with this color combination!  These layouts are enhanced with the circles and and patterns you create yourself with stamps & dies.  Again, after making these layouts I have some very specific ideas for those stamps & dies.  Find this workshop here

Project 4 A Toast to You Cardmaking workshop (16 cards) 
I'm so in love with these punny little cards. I can't wait to make them and send them to my daughter, who's one of the punniest people I know!  This workshop is also in my shop here

Project 5 Good Vibes Scrapbooking Workshop 
These pages just speak to my retro self.  I love the colors and the patterns (you really have to look at the papers!) and when layouts included Flip-Flaps and Pocket Plus protectors... let's just say I'm all in!  This workshop can be found here

Wait, there's more! 

Just in case you don't think this is enough, I want to tell you one more thing. We are offering a Celebration Bundle that includes everything at a 30% discount! That's like getting two of the projects free!  You'll want to check out the Celebration Bundle here

See you online on May 6th & 7th for a couple of fun days!!