Monday, March 29, 2010

A Bit of Show & Tell

This is a flip flop card I did showing the different stages of flipping and flopping. All the products (except the beads on the pull) are retired CTMH. I really miss some of our old papers!! The final photo in the series is a close up of the pull with the beads on the ribbons. I love this pattern & it's so easy to make!
This is a tag pop-up card first shown closed and then open (free standing!). Again I focused on using some of my retired CTMH products. This is another very easy card design with awesome results. Both cards fit easily into a standard invitation size envelope and can be mailed with no problems.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blackmail is Such a Nasty Thing!

Today my friend emailed me photos she took of my craft room on Monday and gave me 48 hours to post them or she would do it herself. Gah!! The room is finished, at least on the surface, but there was still too much clutter! You know those last little bits of things that just can't seem to belong in any particular place? So tonight I either designated homes for the clutter or move it out long enough to get some photos. So, here it is at last! My craft room from the shaky start to finish, in photos!

Here are the 'before' photos. I really don't have anything to say about them, other than it was actually worse before we put the cupboards in - if you can believe that...
Kind of like a bad episode of "Hoarders" right?
This next set of photos are the 'during' photos.

The first thing we did was remove all the boxes and furniture from the room. Amazing how much bigger it began to look!
You may not have noticed in the before photos that there were several tables in the room. They came out, too. Everything was removed except the cabinets that were permanently installed by my husband in his efforts to help me get organized.
Then we started bringing it all back in. We set up tables in the center of the room and every box was unloaded and sorted and put away in it's very own place. What a concept!
The final set of photos are the 'after' pics. This is my oasis!

The door into my craft room, aka "Girl Oasis" is a double door. This view is from outside the Oasis with both doors open looking in.
Entering the Oasis on the left are my cupboards. At the end of the cupboards is my paper storage. Cards are displayed over head. In the foreground are three tables set up for classes.
This is the view of the wall opposite the door. I love the big storage unit which is also my media unit but I think it's not really the best use of the space. I'll be pondering its future for a while. Some of my first DOTS & CTMH catalogs are in frames on top and will eventually hang from the wall like they should.
This is the wall opposite the big white cupboards. The drawers clear to the left are for all my ongoing projects. The additional paper storage is all retired CTMH background/texture papers with just a few sheets of "non" mixed in. Below the table are drawers of beads and beading tools. The table is my Cricut station and also home to all my inks.
The wall the door is on has the table that is home to my "office." My business tools, computer, printer, pens, stapler, etc.
Looking back to the door you'll see my 4 month calendar, my bookcase full of inspirational books & magazines and my many many totes. Hooks are going up soon for my totes. They will be hidden behind the doors when they are open.

Bailey follows me where ever I am in the house and is my constant companion in the Oasis.

Zori also loves to visit, but is a little shy when others are here.
Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour!

Steppin' Out!

These are a couple of little stair step cards I made recently. The first using a few retired CTMH products... papers and the quote stamp. The little bird in the foreground is current. He was fun to stamp. I inked him up in Sweet Leaf, stamped him off once and then rolled just his head and back in Cocoa. Love how he turned out!

This card is a Thank You for one of my good customers. Papers are the Veranda Creative Basics pack and the stamps are April's Stamp of the Month set, Flower Pot. There is a lot more depth to this card that the photo shows.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter Baskets

I made these four little Easter Baskets with CTMH cardstock, stamps & accessories. Then I fashioned a little 6"x6" tray to nestle them in. I filled with some crinkled paper and plastic eggs for an auction item for our NKY WINS group. I think they are just adorable!!

Each little basket has a different stamped Easter Bunny (B1324 Bunny Love) colored with our fabulous exclusive markers.

I used a couple of little clear beads and some smaller dots of Liquid Glass as the "bubbles" this bunny is blowing.
Love this little guy curled up in an egg shell!

Cute little lady bunny with daffodils! A tip on making your white critters "pop" is to use a very light gray or blue marker an outline the image on the inside of the lines (sorry I didn't get a better 'straight on' shot of this one).

As well as different colored punched out flowers on the handles of the baskets, the backs are decorated with colorful blooms layered and accented with a bit of bling! Depending on the side you decide to face out, the baskets can be either cute or elegant. So much fun!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birthday Cards!

I joined a Birthday Club wherein we send hand made cards to each other on our birthdays. I want to share with you what I received - it was so much fun getting these cards! L-R from top down: Carolyn L., Esther H., Tracy, Ramona C., and Susan E.

Heather S., Nancy R., Mary B., and Kathy M.

Thank you Ladies for the beautiful cards and birthday fun!!