August Card Workshop

Hi friends and workshop attendees!  Let's talk about what you can do to prep your cards in advance of the workshop.  Some require just a little and some require a bit more. Let's get started! 

In your kit you will receive five envelopes with the bits & pieces to make five cards. I know you only see four cards posted above, but I've sent you a bonus card!  For workshop you will need a tape runner, scissors, foam tape and your choice of  coloring medium such as color pencils, markers or even watercolor. I will share how I have colored the images but you are free to use whatever you desire. Other items I've used may be listed in the prep area and are optional. 

Card 1: Toadally Awesome*

Color the stamped images and trim them out. I used the following TriBlend markers: Gold Brown Blend (cat tails & rocks), Light Green Blend (toad), Citrus Blend (yellow flower), Burnt Orange Blend (orange flower), Dull Green Blend (leaves) and Ice Grey Blend (insects). 

I also added Rose Gold Liquid Pearls to the eyes of the insects. I hope you can see it, it looks amazing, and Liquid Glass to the eyes of the toad. The Liquid Glass was added later after this photo, but I will be showing it in the workshop.

Fussy cut the toad/flowers and the three separately stamped flies. Place all back in your envelope and this card is ready for the workshop.  I will also be adding Clear Shimmer Brush to the wings of the flies in the workshop.  

Card 2: Academic Rose
Your kit has the full rose image with the cut outs taped in place.  Carefully remove the tape from the back and color the images on the two cut outs. Do not color the other parts. I used the Coral Blend TriBlend marker.  However, to show variety I used the Dark Red Blend for my workshop card. Place these pieces all back in the envelope for the workshop.

Card 3: Tutti Frutti
Your kit contains six stamped popsicle images on a variety of colored pattern papers. The center popsicle of each of these images is what you need to fussy cut out. Your best results will come from cutting along the center of the stamped line. Due to the thickness of this line it will match up with the complete image best this way.  

Please refer to the photo and you will note that only two of the images are an entire popsicle (less the stick). The colors most likely do not match what you see on this card. Also fussy cut the word "sweet" which is stamped on multicolored paper. 

The six popsicles image is stamped onto a white rectangle.  Color only the popsicle sticks. I used Muted Brown Blend TriBlend marker. Place all these card pieces back in the envelope for the workshop. 

Card 4: Beach Party 
Color the van and fussy cut it out. I used the following TriBlend Markers: Light Green for the van, Gold Yellow Blend for the license plate and heart, accented with Coral Blend, True Blue Blend for the surfboard and window shading, and Ice Grey Blend for the bumper. Color the sun. I used Gold Yellow Blend. 

From the 3" x 1.25" paper with the beach balls, fussy cut a couple of the balls. Place all your prepped pieces in the envelope for the workshop. 

Bonus Card: Enjoy These Moments (September Stamp of the Month)
Color the stamped heart image with your choice of medium. I used inkpads and daubers and "messy colored." 

That's all the prep for this card. I will do the fussy cutting along with you in the workshop.  

See you then! 

* Toadally Awesome is also available with Thin Cuts

Tutti Frutti is also available with Thin Cuts

This Beach Party stamp set is only available in the Close to My Heart Beach Party Cardmaking Workshop. 

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