Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Envy? Moi?

Yes, it is real. Blog Envy. What does it mean? In our ever changing world we continue to add words to our language that would have had absolutely no meaning in the past. Do I covet a blog? Just what is a blog? I may be a little late in posing that question, but I do think it's pertinent. It's a verb, it's a noun, it's everywhere, it's everywhere!!


What kind of word is that? And just how does it describe my online journal? To me it sounds like a word a child made up some at some time and some parent thought it was cute. I must have asked where it came from at least a hundred times on my MySpace blog, but never got an answer. That is until my daughter educated me. Kids now days... they think they know everything!

Web Log. Shortened for our convenience to Blog. Not weblog, just blog. I think I prefer OnJour. Add your own French accent. Sounds so much more romantic, eh? OnJour. OnlineJournal. Welcome to my OnJour.

And now I've been a blogger for several years. I have many I enjoy reading, back on MySpace, but they are becoming few and far between. For some reason there seems to be a mass exodus from MS... could it be they have become not-so-user-friendly? I'd say so... they completely disabled my link to this blog. Afraid of a little competition "Tom?"

Forgive me for my digressions. This is supposed to be a blog about blog envy. A not so new concept but a form of mental disease that I apparently suffer from. It's not that other bloggers are more interesting and more creative and talented writers than I am. I do recognize that. It's that they have more readers and subscribers and I covet that! Somehow, despite the fact that the two are directly proportionaly related, I want those readers (and their comments), whether I am cute & clever and/or talented or not.

Blog Envy.

Google it. It's out there.

I'm going to link you to an actual post about blog envy and getting over it.
See here? I'm even giving other bloggers more traffic!!

Now I'm off to clean house... I'm having a Tastefully Simple party in mid-March. Yes, it's gonna take me that long!


  1. I am in awe of your ability to publicly blog. I am a closet blogger (still). The consequences of being a very private person. =)

    ~Lisa~ =)

  2. Thank you Lisa! I think I'm blushing!!

    ...and the reason I am blushing is because that is a high compliment from such an incredible blogger as you! I truly believe you should *come out of the closet* (so to speak) because you are very entertaining and educational and I love your take on things. But, since you are still in the closet, I have to thank you for letting me in the closet with you! =)