Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blackmail is Such a Nasty Thing!

Today my friend emailed me photos she took of my craft room on Monday and gave me 48 hours to post them or she would do it herself. Gah!! The room is finished, at least on the surface, but there was still too much clutter! You know those last little bits of things that just can't seem to belong in any particular place? So tonight I either designated homes for the clutter or move it out long enough to get some photos. So, here it is at last! My craft room from the shaky start to finish, in photos!

Here are the 'before' photos. I really don't have anything to say about them, other than it was actually worse before we put the cupboards in - if you can believe that...
Kind of like a bad episode of "Hoarders" right?
This next set of photos are the 'during' photos.

The first thing we did was remove all the boxes and furniture from the room. Amazing how much bigger it began to look!
You may not have noticed in the before photos that there were several tables in the room. They came out, too. Everything was removed except the cabinets that were permanently installed by my husband in his efforts to help me get organized.
Then we started bringing it all back in. We set up tables in the center of the room and every box was unloaded and sorted and put away in it's very own place. What a concept!
The final set of photos are the 'after' pics. This is my oasis!

The door into my craft room, aka "Girl Oasis" is a double door. This view is from outside the Oasis with both doors open looking in.
Entering the Oasis on the left are my cupboards. At the end of the cupboards is my paper storage. Cards are displayed over head. In the foreground are three tables set up for classes.
This is the view of the wall opposite the door. I love the big storage unit which is also my media unit but I think it's not really the best use of the space. I'll be pondering its future for a while. Some of my first DOTS & CTMH catalogs are in frames on top and will eventually hang from the wall like they should.
This is the wall opposite the big white cupboards. The drawers clear to the left are for all my ongoing projects. The additional paper storage is all retired CTMH background/texture papers with just a few sheets of "non" mixed in. Below the table are drawers of beads and beading tools. The table is my Cricut station and also home to all my inks.
The wall the door is on has the table that is home to my "office." My business tools, computer, printer, pens, stapler, etc.
Looking back to the door you'll see my 4 month calendar, my bookcase full of inspirational books & magazines and my many many totes. Hooks are going up soon for my totes. They will be hidden behind the doors when they are open.

Bailey follows me where ever I am in the house and is my constant companion in the Oasis.

Zori also loves to visit, but is a little shy when others are here.
Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour!


  1. I can't even imagine having such a huge space for CRAFTS! What a lucky woman. I am NOT crafty, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate having a dedicated space for one's passion. Good for you to have such great friends!

  2. Kathy, I am indeed fortunate to have those friends! When I think of the short time I have lived here and yet found friends that would do that for me... I feel blessed!

    Dedicated space is a wonderful thing! Even if never did anything but read, a comfy chair and a good light, mood music... that dedicated space would be perfect, too!

  3. Love your room! It's huge!!! I think you will enjoy the craft storage blog and maybe get some good ideas to help you finish things up if you need it!

    I was surprised to hear you mention Stacy Julian being a Dots lady--I didn't realize you had been doing CTMH/Dots for that long! I have her book photo freedom and love it and have been following her since her Simple Scrapbook days. I just love her.

    Happy stamping in the new oasis!!!

  4. Barb, I KNOW I will love the storage blog! I'll be looking there for lots of ideas!

    Stacy is amazing! When DOTS created CTMH is when she had to leave because she was already very involved with her own scrapping enterprises and it became a conflict. For several years she was still invited back to convention to speak. My upline knows her well and invited her to one of our unit meetings. What fun!! That was years and years ago... Yes, I am an old timer with CTMH - over 15 years now.

    One of these days I'll have to host IOD so I can show off Ramona & Susan's work!

  5. Was that for the "before" or the "after," Terri?

  6. Your room is AWESOME!!! you are so lucky