Thursday, November 1, 2012

S'long Rub-ons, So Sad to See You Go!

News from our corporate office.  This is so unfortunate, because they are such a cool embellishment.  If you haven't used them before get some before they are gone and have fun!

The vendor we use for producing our velvet rub-ons will no longer be supplying these products to us, which means that all velvet rub-ons are now available on a "while supplies last" basis and will be discontinued when our stock is depleted. The products affected by this are:

Z1742 Parlor Velvet Rub-Ons
Z1743 Festive Velvet Rub-Ons
Z1700 Dark Chocolate Tapestry Velvet Rub-Ons
Z1733 Black Tapestry Velvet Rub-Ons
We regret this unexpected outage. We anticipate running out within a few days of this announcement, so if you had planned projects using any of these products, we urge you to place your order immediately.

Clicking on the photos will take you right to my website to place your order.  

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