Friday, March 6, 2015


I want to share my Valentine Day project with you, but first I have to apologize. 

1) This post is so late because I wanted to be sure all the gifts were received before posting.

2) I sent them all away before I got the "real" photos. You know, the ones of the project finished? 

These photos were taken as it was a "work in progress."  The bling and final touches are missing.  But I think you can still see the intention and be hopefully be inspired.  

My Valentine goodies were sent out in quart size paint cans, purchased from Home Depot.  I used the Close To My Heart "Heartstrings" paper pack and complements to decorate the cans.  Added after the photos was some more bling and Cricut cuts to personalize the lids.  

I added a bag full of strawberry muddy buddies to the cans as my treat.  That recipe can be found here Sweetheart Buddies.

Heartstrings & Complements can only be purchased through the end of March.  Find them on my website, Heartstrings.

Sure hope your Valentine's day was good.  My sweetie completely spoiled me! 


  1. So cute! Did they make it through the mails unharmed?

    1. I think so. One I haven't heard back from and the other told me it was very cute and loved the muddy buddies. They were packed pretty securely. I'm thinking "Easter" next!