Sunday, February 22, 2009

My New Toy

A few days ago Mary and I were discussing the necessity of having a sewing machine for our cards and layouts. Stitching on paper projects is pretty popular right now. But getting out the old Singer treadle machine just seems like too big of a task for just a few little lines of stitching. But having the keen eyes for a good bargain that Mary has, she told me about a nifty little number available at Walgreens.

So I got online and did a little research... emphasis on little... and decided to give the little handy dandy machine a chance. So I popped on over to Walgreens and picked one up. I needed to pick up Harriett's prescription anyway, so what the hey?

This is what the little cutie patootie looks like:

Isn't it just the cutest little thang??? So I thought it would be good to make up a quick little card to see how it works and how easy or difficult it is to use. I had a virgin stamp set that really needed to taste ink so I put the two together and this is what happened:

Gosh, I think I probably should have stamped those birdies some eyes, right?

So now I will critique my new little sewer... er... SEW'er.

Don't. Buy. One. Not even for $20.00. Not even for these little paper projects. Why, you ask? Because there is not an ounce of versatility to this machine. Zero, zilch, nada.

There is only one stitch


The is only one length of stitch


It may not seem like a very big deal, and in reality, it's probably not crucial to the *important things in my life,* but I think I'd rather haul out the old treadle. The length of the stitch is 10 per inch. I think a longer stitch would show up much better, and when using colorful threads, the colors would be more evident, too. And if you really want your stitching to show up, a zig zag stitch is a must.

Like so many of my kids toys over the years, this is one that will be played with only a little bit and then probably find itself in the back of the craft closet, the bottom of the toy chest. It's nowhere near being a Buzz Lightyear or a Woody. It's more like a pet rock.

I couldn't leave my little birdies without eyes... This is the final version after adding eyes and a little bling & 'dorns. Despite the stitching, I really like how it turned out! Also the color is far more accurate when photo'd during day light hours!

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  1. Thanks for the rating!
    I know I would've pulled my hair out trying to find one had it been a winner!

  2. Your stamping projects are just incredible! Love 'em!

    aka BaaBaa =)

  3. After seeing this I might just hafta order those little birdies! :D