Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Cards

Now that Christmas has come and gone I can share the cards I sent out this year. If you didn't get yours let me know and I'll check into it. It could be because I didn't get one from you so I had no return address to mail to.... That's my little attempt at humor today.

I was so intent on getting my cards all mailed out before Christmas, a change I decided to implement this year, that I forgot to take photos of this one. A big thanks to Susan and Dennis for emailing me a photo of their card.

When I began running short on time I switched over to a set of cards designed by my friend Shari. Her awesome instructions allowed me to crank out another 20 cards in record time. I tweaked in a couple of places but most of the cards are a straight stamp lift. I apologize to anyone who received on of these and thought it was my original work, which it was stamped as on the back, but only because I wasn't able to find a stamp with simply my name. My apologies to you, too, Shari.

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