Sunday, January 10, 2010

Liquid Glass!

One of my very favorite products from Close To My Heart is Liquid Glass. You might think this is a funny choice... it has no colorful component to please my eyes, it doesn't coordinate with other papers or embellishments, it just adds little accents here and there or works as a strong adhesive.

EXACTLY!! It can highlight a little swoosh or swirl, it can make a word *pop* out from other words, it can add the tiniest bit of shine to a spot that "just needs something" like a little tear drop. I love it!

It also thinks it's glue. I try to tag my new Christmas tree ornaments each year with the year and the name of the giver. It gets a little tricky to get the tag tiny enough to be nearly invisible and then to find an appropriate place to adhere it. Liquid Glass to the rescue this year! All new tags were easily placed and no worries that they will fall off! My daughter even used it to fix the broken frame of her glasses for a week or two until she got new ones. Yes, I am serious.

Now I want to tell you what you can do with a little bit of ribbon, some glue dots and some waxy flax that will enhance your Liquid Glass.

Some crafters, unlike me, are very organized and never ever misplace anything. You know the ones, they always have exactly what they need at their finger tips! With Liquid Glass that one thing you need is a pin to reopen the passageway for the Liquid Glass to flow. For a while I just kept the pin in the bottle and didn't use the cap, but that can create problems if you want to leave home with it.

So today I took a length of ribbon (Juniper from the Jingle Creative Basics package) and used glue dots to adhere it to my bottle of Liquid Glass. I made a couple of ribbon loops in the middle and pushed them to one side. To be sure this ribbon would stay on my bottle for a long time (hopefully until it's empty) I tied a piece of waxy flax over the top of it.

Then, the really cool part!!

I pushed a safety pin through the ribbon, where the loops are, and closed it. I will never ever be looking for a pin to unstick the tip of the bottle again!

I feel so clever!!


  1. I love it! Great tip! I used a sterling head pin to keep in mine. I can put the cap right on over it because it doesn't stick up. I like your cute idea though. My LG is looking very sad....I think I will have to spruce it up a bit!

  2. Kari, I may try that as well. I have started ordering LG before I need it so I now have about 3 of them open at the same time. Before attaching the ribbon, I was putting a pearl headed pin in the bottle and leaving the top off. This wasn't the best solution for two reasons... 1 - I didn't like it for traveling and I eventually had lost the cap, and 2 - the LG built up along the pin and soon the head of the pin was about an inch off the top of the bottle. It doesn't sound like the flat head pin will do that from your comment.

  3. I left a straight pin in mine & it left a rusty blob on the inside of the bottle. now the LG comes out discolored. I would be careful about leaving a pin in the bottle too long.

  4. Donna, I had that issue too, which was also part of my decision to attach a safety pin that I wouldn't stab myself with. I'm sounding really wishy washy now... LOL!! Cap & safety pin. I'll stick to this solution. =)