Friday, July 16, 2010

Brain on Overload!

Close to my Heart convention never fails to hype me up and inspire me.

Then I return home.

Oh My Gosh. So much to see and do and make... I simply have not been able to assimilate it all yet. Not to mention we got to DC three days early to spend time sight seeing in very hot weather. You know that feeling that you need a vacation to recover from your vacation? Um, yeah....

As usual, Close to my Heart has some super great things coming up with the September release of our Autumn/Winter Idea Book and I can't wait to share it all with you. But for now I will remain mum and share what I made for roomie gifts instead. I created 3 mini albums using the tri-fold shutter card as the base. I love Love LOVE how they turned out!! I snuck out one afternoon to get photos printed and placed in the albums before I gave them away. That part may have been a mistake... not that it didn't make the albums more special, I think it did, but I absolutely hate missing any of convention!!
The paper I used for this album was from our Notebook pack. It always stumps me at first when I try using this pack, but I always love the results!

This is what the album looks like with just the front flaps open.

When the mini album is fully open, this is the left "wing" including the center photo, on the far right.

Here is the right wing, with the center photo now on the far left.

This is the center shot of the album. I didn't write on the tag slipped behind the center photo. I thought the recipient of the album should use it to write their own thoughts about convention and their roommate experience. The back of the album is quite plain, but I did stick a photo of me on the back and write a short, very brief note.


  1. Coolest roomie gift I've ever seen!!! Soooo awesome!

  2. I love what you did with the TRI Shutter card and what a wonderful gift to your roomie's