Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pizza Tonight?

This magnetic memo board was inspired by a similar one seen at convention in July. It's pretty quick & easy and fun to use and display.

The base of the memo board is a pizza pan! I found a set of two at Ollie's for somewhere in the $5 range. You can't find a memo board for that little, much less a really sweet one like this!

This next photo is a close up of the hanger as it's attached to the front. The pizza pan is designed with a pattern of 1/4" holes punched through it. I threaded the ribbon through one of those holes from the back of the pan and then through a button on the front side. The tension of the ribbon through the button holes is enough by itself to keep the ribbon in place. Repeat on the opposite front side with the other end of the ribbon.

The letters were cut on my Cricut and then "fussy glued" which is a technique I learned from this blog: The Craftiblog. (you'll want to peruse her blog and probably bookmark it while you are there!) The top layers of the letters are offset on purpose to contrast the green & blue.

This close up shows my magnets covered with co-ordinating paper & a layer of Liquid Glass. You can also see the details in my seams, the border punch used on one seam and rough-ruffled paper ribbon on the other. The papers used for this project are all from the Emporium Level 2 packet.

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  1. LOVE the ruffled paper ribbon detail and of course the colors! What a great idea!