Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Loving Olivia

Now that I finally have all the new paper packets I've begun creating with them. Hm... creating isn't quite the right word because what I made is entirely by the directions that came with the Workshop On The Go kits. I'm going to share with you anyway because they are so so beautiful!! Instructions for these three cards are in the kit.

The WOTG kit comes with a complete Level 2 paper packet, an exclusive set of stamps, a full set of designer embellishments and color directions for making a 2 page layout and six cards (2 each of 3 designs). When you are done making all those items you still have at least a half packet of paper to create more with. I love these kits.

I haven't completed the 2 page layout because I really need to decide what photos to add before I finalize with a title and the remaining embellishments. But I had to show you anyway. I simply adore these colors. I can't describe the pleasure I feel when looking at them.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll post the layout again at a later date when I decide what photos to use and complete it.


  1. Love the paper and cards! So glad to see some fall cards--I've been looking around and haven't seen too many yet! Thanks for posting!

  2. nice job..i think i'm gonna like using that paper pack alot. hey...i have a special request...i subscribe to your blog on google reader...and you have it set to only show part of your posts...is there any way you'd let it show the whole thing?

  3. I can't see how to manage how the posts show up on reader.. anyone else have this problem?