Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Bricks Along the Journey"

Bricks Along the Journey is a silent auction to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Artists in the greater Cincinnati area receive bricks to decorate in any manner they want. These bricks are then auctioned off raising money for various, local Breast Cancer agencies.

This is the brick I created, using paper as my medium of choice. I created a shabby chic flower and filled the center with seed beads. Twisted paper creates the vines to which I attached leaves and butterflies of vellum.

Each entry must have a pink ribbon somewhere on it. I used one of the pink ribbons we made into pins for Harriett's funeral.

This brick was created by my daughter, Kristen, who had a very special bond with Harriett. When we first moved to Kentucky we fell in love with the cardinals and Harriett chose to sit in our sun room where she had a wonderful view of all the birds and animals that visit our yard daily.

Our bricks honor our friend/sister/mother Harriett Milburn, Nov. 10, 1949 - June 19, 2009.
**Click the link to Bricks Along the Journey to read more about the history of this auction. You can also see bricks auctioned off in the past and some of the current bricks to be auctioned this October.

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