Tuesday, February 22, 2011

IOD Challenge

Just want to give a quick share of what we are doing in IOD (Ink or Dye) this year. Last year our monthly swaps were theme based. This year the challenge is for everyone to take home the same stamped image for our card exchange and a specific item to be used for the ATC exchange. Both the stamp and the ATC items are supplied by the gal who is also doing the technique or presentation that month. This photo is the image we were assigned for the card this month, and the paper is the item assigned for the ATC.

What I really liked about this challenged was knowing that we'd all be using the same things therefore I really wanted to think outside the box and do something that was either unexpected or unusual.

After I chalked up the image I decided to chop it in half and use layers of papers for my accents in completing the card. I am pretty happy with the results.

The paper for the ATC was full of grasses and flower petals. I decided to salvage the 2nd bird that I didn't use from the stamped image. I then tore the paper to make ragged pieces and create a nest (of sorts, lol!) with the little bird adding a bit more.

It was really a fun challenge.

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