Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Postman/woman is my Friend!

Who doesn't love real mail? The kind that you open and hold in your hands and read, pick it up later to appreciate again? This is the mainstay of card stamping. I love my "Cardies" because they are the people that keep this art alive. Really, aren't you tired of nothing but bills & ads in your mail box? Let's get stamping, folks. And even if you don't want to stamp, think about just sending out a little, "Hello, how are you?" note to a friend. You know they will appreciate it!!

I received this card from my friend, Mac yesterday in a manila envelope with some other goodies. Isn't it sweet? It also uses our Mayberry papers which we are featuring in our Paper Trail blog hop this month. I love Love LOVE these papers!!

Other items in that fun envelope are a collection of gorgeous papers she picked up recently and decided to share with me. Am I a lucky girl, or what? These are all very vintage looking and I just can't wait to play with them! Can you tell that the little brads in front are sock monkeys? I literally laughed out loud when I saw them. We have a little family joke (at least my nuclear family thinks it is) about sock monkeys. And you have to say it a certain way, too. Way too cute and I can't wait to use them!!

Shout out to Mac for making my day!! And remember, if you want to receive snail mail, it's important to send snail mail! Get stampin' ladies!!