Friday, April 25, 2014

Follow Up Friday: Ariana Gets a Boost!

I posted photos of my Ariana layout for the Paper Trail blog hop on April first.  You can find that post here.  

Now there are two trains of thought for those of us who create layouts for classes.  One thought is that it should always include photos.  The other, of course is that it doesn't need to or actually should not.  I follow the second train of thought for two reasons.  First is that I don't want to put an idea in anyone's head as to what type of photos should go on any page.  Sometimes when I see something I tend to think that's the way it should be.  The second reason I don't put photos on my classroom pages is even more basic.  I really don't take that many photos.  

But today I thought I would revisit my Ariana pages with photos and include the second layout as well. 

Here is the original layout:

And here is my second layout using more of the same Ariana paper pack and complements:


I still don't take enough photos.  These are photos I "stole" off my daughters' Facebook pages.  I've come to find out that with the popularity of Instagram there are not as many photos accessible right from FB.  This caused me to download the Instagram app.  I immediately became frustrated and confused and feel like a sitcom Mom who has to ask her kids all about technology. 

And I used to feel so smart...

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  1. Love your layouts with pictures!!! Keep that camera out where you can see it and it is easily accessible and you'll be amazed at how many pictures you take. I have to remember to use my camera and not just my iPhone, but I am the girl that had to learn to develop her own film because I took so many pictures as a kid :)