Sunday, May 31, 2009

Harborside Picnic

While I am 'experimenting' with my new layout I hope you will be patient with my new posts. My main goal was to have my blog fill the entire page instead of just the the center half of the page. In doing so, the formatting for my past blogs appears really odd. Please bear with me while I learn my way around the new format.

The pages I want to share with you today are more created by my daughter, Alyssa. Last summer we attended a picnic at the nursing home where my mother is living. We had a fun time with G'ma, acting like teens and taking goofy pictures. Can I just say that all the fun photos our kids take today with their instant digital results are just not adult friendly? Okay, maybe it's just me, but someday I will learn that "goofy" needs to stay with the younger generation and out of my life!

These layouts have really grown on me. Although I hated the photos of me, I've come to enjoy them once they have been assigned to a layout lovingly created by my daughter. It's funny how an awful photo in hand becomes a treasure in the scrapbook. I may have to start being a little easier on myself!

My favorite page of all is this one, my mother and my daughter. I have threatened to steal it from her scrapbook and frame it for the wall. Aren't they sweet?

...and I think I am liking my new blog layout, how about you?

Most products in these pages are Close to my Heart with a few contraband embellishments that my daughter picked up somewhere else... gah!!

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  1. What beautful girls. I see a resemblance and see you in there too.