Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The rest of the gift...

Tonight I finished the box to hold the cards I shared with you in the last blog. Of course if the cards are a gift, they need a nice box, right? The base of this project was a small box which held a trio of votive candle holders. It's just slightly larger than the cards making it a perfect candidate.

What I didn't consider is how flimsey the cardboard actually is, how much bulkier it would be covered with the extra heavy duty textured card stock, and how difficult it would prove to be covering the exposed edges.

Once I bit the bullet and covered some of the problem areas with unsightly packaging tape, I made an agreement with myself to be okay with the outcome. Even though I don't feel that it us up to my standards construction-wise, I know my mother-in-law will love it. I hope.
I actually think it looks better in the photos than in real life... that's contrary to how I feel about most of my photos v. projects.
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