Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Veranda!

I absolutely LOVE the Close to my Heart Veranda paper! They are so pretty and fun to work with!

This little card uses the February Stamp of the Month set, Piece of Cake. Alyssa and I made it for a hands on project for her gathering. With our left over supplies I think I'll turn some of them into party invitations for a quarter auction.

Isn't it cute?? And so easy it's a crime!

This card I did for the Ink or Dye stamp club I joined. (Awesome and talented ladies, can I just say?) Our 'theme' was a round card for a square envelope.

I wish I would have taken photos of the other cards the ladies did. It was fabulous to see how many different ideas there are for one theme.

This pop up card was our Ink or Dye project. Again, I used the Veranda papers & colors. I can't wait to use this template for Easter cards.... Stay tuned!!


  1. LOVE them all! I haven't had a chance to use my Veranda paper yet....hhmmm, might just have to lift some of your ideas if you don't mind!

  2. I don't mind at all!! Please let me know if you need details for any of them.

  3. Love how your project turned out!