Sunday, March 29, 2009

A "Bag" of my own!

A few years ago I picked up a sweet little notebook of which I absolutely fell in love with the print on the cover. I didn't realize at the time that it was a Vera Bradley print I fell in love with, but when I did I began to covet owning anything and everything with this print. Appropriately enough, it was called "Java Blue." I tend to love anything that even remotely has a 'coffee' reference.

I began seeing the Java Blue print everywhere!! In an airport I saw luggage made with Java Blue. At the malls I saw ladies carrying all shapes and sizes of bags in Java Blue. And most frustrating, I even saw little girls wearing Java Blue back packs! Why is that annoying? Because Vera Bradley products are expensive and it hurts, yes, physically hurts, when I see a child carrying around a $90 back pack... and it's FILTHY!!

My birthday was this month and my sweet Alyssa gave me a Vera Bradley Java Blue purse! Woo Hoo!!!! She knew the print but picking out the style was challenging. We went together yesterday to exchange it and it was still hard to pick out a style! I told Alyssa that I had coveted this print for so long I wasn't sure it was still the one I wanted (it was and is) but I'd also fallen for a brown & black print I'd seen on a purse recently. Now the funny thing is, the black & brown print, it turns out, is called "Caffe Latte" .... I can't help it!! I fall in love with all things coffee even unintentionally!

Now take a peek at my lovely new bag...

Here's a peek at the Caffe Latte wristlette....


  1. LOVE the new bag!!!
    did you say *gulp* pink and brown?????

  2. didn't I type ...?
    LOVE the new bag!

    did ya say *gulp* pink and brown???!!!

  3. Noooooo...... I think I said "Brown & Black"