Sunday, March 15, 2009

Appreciating the Utah Snow... or, Monkey See, Monkey Do...

Well, because my friend Mary just posted some layouts using the Aspen paper pack, I decided I should get out mine and post them, too. So original, right? I love Love LOVE these papers. It may have something to do with loving snow & winter as well.

There are four pages all together here. The photos are from my last winter in Utah, which, lucky for me, was a very snowy one! Despite the snow there are always lots of bright sunny days and it's incredibly beautiful. Snow & sun sparkle like diamonds.

If you know anything about me you will know that I absolutely loved living in Utah. This was our house and the Wasatch Mountains as our back drop. It was common to have deer walking down the center of our street, or browsing through the yards side to side. I loved watching them ...except in the spring when they would stop by for a little "Tulip Salad."

I couldn't help but love how pretty the trees are when mother nature flocks them in white. In the spring and summer we'd watch quail come visiting and they would often come out from under these trees in droves. Really, 15 - 30 of them at a time. They quickly became my favorite birds!

This tree in our back yard. As well as apple trees and an apricot tree and grapes growing over our fence from the neighbor's yard.

Another view from my back porch. I really do miss it!! Sigh......


  1. I'm starting to suspect I should post my layouts, write about them and THEN do the journaling... I write better about my layouts than I do when I journal.