Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Tisket a Tasket

A multi-color basket!!

While I love cruising around the blogs and seeing what every one else is doing, I love even more 'stealing' those sweet ideas and making them my own... in that I am copying the concept or design but using my 'touch.' Y'all know I'd never claim something as mine that wasn't/isn't!!!

Girlfriend Terri posted a similar basket and I just had to make one!! This was so easy and can you say, "Sweet!"???

When I first saw hers I thought it was much larger so I propped some mini pb cups along side to give you the perspective. What a cute way to give a little gift... Easter candy, maybe? Oh, Wait!! How about jewelry!!!

I was having so much fun 'dorning it, I hope I didn't overdo... what'd y'all think??


  1. I just love this little goodie!
    and yours is just sooo stankin cute!

  2. Hey Betsy! Fun to connect with you in blog land. Love the tote. I need to get busy and post more artwork on my blog. Tsk tsk. Come visit: AwesomeScrapbooks.Blogspot.com

    Smiles, Karen Morris

  3. Hey Terri - fun connecting with you in blog-land. Cute basket! I need to get busy and post more art to my blog. Have you visited? AwesomeScrapbooks.blogspot.com

    Smiles, Karen Morris