Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Kay, Rose & Betsy Show! My Altered book

Today Lucy asked me if I have ever done an altered book. I had always thought they sounded like fun and last summer I finally took the leap and made one. I was supposed to make two, but to date, I still have only made one. I had picked up a magazine that referred to "scrapbooks in an evening" and I thought, "Great! I can whip out two of these in no time at all!!" Right..... *rolling the old proverbial eyes*

I chose for my project a baby board book. I got this one at Barnes & Noble in the bargain kids section.

This is the first page, right side. See the open flap? I chose this book just so I could use those flaps to make pockets on every other page. The pages were all shiny and slick so before I started I sanded them just a little bit to make the glue, hence the papers, stick better.

This is the cover of my finished book. This particular one I gave to Kay, therefore 'K' on the cover.

I made this book just before leaving Sandy, UT to move to Kentucky. The two women that I made them for were co-workers of mine at Barnes & Noble. They are very special women. This book commemorates a back yard bbq at my house shortly before moving.

Page 1

Page 2
Kay's real job is teaching special education. She is so perfect for it because she is totally in touch with her inner child. I love and miss Kay so very much!!

Page 3

Page 4
Rose is an amazing woman. I consider her my intellectual/spiritual counselor. Besides being incredibly insightful, she is a total clown and loves to laugh and make other people laugh. I can't express how much I love & miss her!!

Page 5

Page 6

We had been listening to "Mamma Mia" all evening but eventually I decided that these women absolutely must meet Josh Turner. My Oh My!! The deep sexy voice of that young man certainly did something for our evening!!

Page 7

Page 8

The last 2 pages depict another outting we did together to see Mamma Mia. Kay loves movies and insisted we would love this one. I absolutely agree!!

Page 9

Page 10

I still have to complete Rose's book. It's pretty much put together, just my same old procrastination setting in!!


  1. This is completely gorgeous! I love the papers! Now you got me wanting to make one! Hmmm... Mother's Day Presents... :D

  2. Oh, thanks for sharing, Betsy. It is indeed lovely. Was it hard to make the edges nice when you cut the papers to fit the page?

  3. Making the edges nice is really very easy. Shari gave me this tip when I was covering letters with paper... Rather than trim up close to the edge, leave a little extra paper and then use sandpaper or a file and sand the edges. Works like a charm!!

  4. lemme just say, again, how stankin cute!